Coming Home

Posted 20 July 2021

preWeb Design - Football player with ball

Well, it nearly came home. After the epic final of Euro 2020, we for one are incredibly proud of every single England player and staff member. Thanks to that song and the impressive Luke Shaw, the tournament really got us thinking about the value of home. Our no. 3 proved we all need the right home professionally. If you want your online presence to thrive, it’s important to pick the right web host. So, is it time to bring your website home?

England’s left-back played some sublime football at the Euros. He won the praise of pundits and the hearts of fans. But his career could have been very different. Playing club football for Manchester United, Shaw often found himself publicly berated by manager José Mourinho. He couldn’t find his form and was heading for life on the bench. Then new United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came along. He recognised Shaw responded better to support and encouragement; friendly carrots over Mourinho’s stick. The result? The right kind of home and a world-class player.

Solskjaer understood Shaw where Mourinho couldn’t and we believe your website should have that same individual understanding from its web host. Not all hosting packages are created equal though, so which should you choose to take care of your online business?

Essentially, there are two options - shared or dedicated hosting. In a shared hosting package, your website will be placed on a server with potentially thousands of others, each getting a share of that server’s resources like bandwidth and memory. It’s cheap, but comes with the ‘noisy neighbour’ problem that can impact the security and stability of your site. It really all depends on the reliability, popularity and reputability of the unknown other sites on your server. Potentially, your website could be exposed to viruses and data theft or slowed by reduced bandwidth. If you’re in the company of spammy sites, you could also find your own IP address affected and your emails heading straight to junk folders.

Dedicated hosting has none of these issues. It is the first-class seat on the plane compared to the cattle-class of shared. Your website enjoys the luxury of a whole server dedicated to itself, with no undesirables to upset it. Dedicated is perfect for the security, stability and scalability of your site. It is costly and requires technical expertise though, not ideal for start-ups or small businesses.

At preWeb Design, we understand that although your business may be small, you still want the best for your website. So, why not let us host your site on our dedicated managed server? It’s the best of both worlds. With our competitive range of hosting packages, we provide the technical knowhow while you get site security, guaranteed uptimes, server maintenance, core updates, reliable back-up and even geo-redundancy for your business continuity and disaster recovery plan. All the benefits of a dedicated server with the peace of mind that your website will have only trusted neighbours. Oh and we provide support from a real human being too. We’re friendly like that.

The cup may have gone to Rome, but the Euros taught us the value of home. If you want your website to have the individual care and attention it deserves, contact us to discuss the right hosting package for you. The personal touch is important, after all.